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This game was created at the Brains Eden 2018 Game Jam, where the theme of the Jam was "unreliable".  The game was proudly created by team Bitz Box, who won the Tech Team Choice Award for this game!

You and a friend must do your best to keep your submarine, the U.N.Reliable from sinking for as long as possible. 



W,A,S,D - Movement

Space,E - Action


Arrow Keys - Movement

Enter/Return - Action

Team Bitz Box consisted of:

Doug Joseph (Programmer): https://zombieninjaa.itch.io/

Jake Tidiman (Programmer and Player Feedback Animation): https://itch.io/profile/smash-hammer-games

Daniel Hughes (Modeler and Animator): https://theyounggd.itch.io/

Andrew Hatwell

Luke Duncumb (Audio Developer): https://thecodedragon.itch.io/


Sprung a Leak!.zip 19 MB


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hey dude its Jake can you update my input for this game,

i.e. programmer and player feedback animations (i made all the alert animations etc.)

Hey Jake, sure can do :)

- Dan